Bodygard Nutrition Genetic Testing Services

What is it?:  Genetic testing allows us to anticipate health challenges you may have as your genes "express" themselves over time. The emerging field of "Nutrigenomics" is the study of foods and supplements that will allow your "good" genetic tendencies to express themselves, and your "bad" genetic tendencies to be suppressed. Have you ever had your doctor ask you questions about the health of close relatives ( parents, aunts, uncles, etc)? He is inquiring into your genetic predisposition to health conditions. Genetic testing is a more scientific, accurate way to find this out.

How it works:  Order the kit(s) you desire.  Each kit comes with complete instructions explaining how to properly swab a sample from your cheek, and how results and assistance will be provided from there.

Tests available:  ($149 each)

Heart Health Test Kit:  Identify genetic tendency to overproduce chemicals that lead to specific types of inflammation that may lead to heart attack

Bone Health Test Kit: Identify genetic tendency to osteoporosis

Nutritional Need Test Kit:  Identify genetic tendency toward metabolism ability of B-Vitamins and your ability to manage oxidative stress. The inability to metabolize B-Vitamins and a tendency toward oxidative stress have been linked to several health conditions.

Weight Management Test Kit:  Identifies optimal balance of fats, carbs, and protein for your genetic profile. A diet that takes into consideration your optimal nutrient balance has been clinically proven by Stanford University to offer 2X the weight loss rate. Solve the "high protein/low carb" question for your specific genetics.

Genetic testing provided by Interleukin Genetics Waltham MA